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3D Modeling & Animation For Oil & Gas Domain

3D Modeling

For the successful operation of an Oil and Gas and Refinery facilities the understanding of the plant basic operation of each employee is very important. When people, process and technology work together as a team, companies can maximize profitability and assets in a sustainable manner.

Employee training and development will unlock the company’s profitability and reliability. Training is critical for avoiding operational errors that can negatively affect plant performance. 50% of the losses in plants due to abnormal situation is directly attributable to human error. These losses are caused by insufficient employee knowledge, and operator and maintenance worker errors.

TECHNOCIL 3D animated training videos can help Engineers and Operating staff to attain better insight into the plant design, operations and safety aspects. The emphasis of this course is from oil production to refining of crude in a refinery. Both onshore and offshore facilities are covered. Produced water treating and water injection, Gas injection and various types of EOR systems, NGL and LNG recovery process are also covered. In addition to the engineering aspects of oil and gas production facilities, static & rotating equipment, practical operating problems, and trouble shootings are also covered, including emulsion treatment, chemical handling, sand handling, dealing with wax and Asphaltenes, etc.

Creating a visual representation of the oil & gas facilities can be hugely beneficial for the Operating companies. This will help the Companies to train their staffs to operate the plant in the most efficient and safe manner. With the help of 3D animated videos, training of fresh staffs can be conducted without the need for going to the plant. The training is provided through a Learning Management system. Evaluation of the trainees can also be conducted through the LMS platform.

Throughout the industry the average number of years of experience for the Engineering and Operating staffs is decreasing, as large number of very experienced staffs are retiring. The competencies of the highest value professionals are being lost along with the rich experience to trouble shoot abnormal process. TECHNOCIL LMS provides a perfect platform for capturing all the rich experience gained by senior professionals. By this all the experience gained by senior professionals can be stored in one place in the LMS platform either as Videos, Word, Excel or as a PDF document and the knowledge can be transferred to the next generation more professionally. All lessons learnt in the plant can be captured and stored in the LMS as either animated video’s or as documents.

TECHNOCIL’s Animated training videos

TECHNOCIL’s Animated training videos are created in 4 modules- Basic, Operation, Engineering and Safety


TECHNOCIL’s BASIC PROCESS MODULE will provide basic information about the plant operations and process involved in Oil and Gas production facilities, Gas processing facilities, Refineries etc.

This module will be perfect for company management staff, operations, Engineering and other departments including marketing, finance, administrative, human resource and other personnel who would like to obtain basic knowledge about the process involved in the plant. This module will also be perfect for all trainees considering entering the industry.

The Oil and Gas basic process module will cover Oil and Gas production facilities, Gas Processing Facilities including Gas Sweetening, Gas Dehydration, Gas Compression, NGL and LNG plants.

Refineries basic process module will cover Crude Processing, Desalting, Atmospheric distillation, Vacuum distillation, Cracking, Reforming, Isomerization, Hydrotreating etc. Each module will be customized based on Client requirements.

Plant Operations Module

In the day-to-day tasks, plant operators have the responsibility to make sure unit and process systems function properly. They consider personnel safety the primary objective and ensure processes are operating safely. Operators continually monitor instrumentation and the operation of equipment and make adjustments to keep system process variables within acceptable ranges. Operators also detect potential and actual problems and take corrective action to prevent the interruption of system operations.

TECHNOCIL Plant Operations module is most practical and comprehensive course in the Oil and Gas and allied industries and is designed to enhance knowledge & skills of plant operation personnel. This module not only provides holistic learning of process, automation and operational safety, but also covers the operational aspects of processes to build a strong foundation knowledge. This module covers practical operating problems.

The emphasis of this course is on Oil & Gas and Refinery operations. The training module is intended to introduce the fundamental concepts of Production facility. The course will cover process, automation, safety and operational aspects by following the most efficient concept of learning.

This course will equip new professionals into the industry, with the basic understanding of the complex nature of oil and gas, refining and allied industries.

This module will cover plant normal start-up operation, normal shutdown operation, emergency shutdown operation and also will cover Operation and control philosophy, start-up and shutdown philosophy, Emergency shutdown philosophy, Vent and drain philosophy, isolation philosophy etc

It also cover Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning procedures, Static equipment’s, Rotating equipment’s, Process control, Crude separation, Gas processing, Water treatment, Utilities, Pumping facilities, Process drawings, Isolation of equipment’s, Maintenance, sampling methods, etc will be covered in the modules.

Engineering, Performance and Continual Improvement Module

The oil and gas industry is currently facing challenges that threatens even the most stable Companies.

As the era of “easy oil” passes, Companies are being faced with increasingly expensive global exploration and development costs. High development cost along with lower demand have resulted in eroding profits. These factors are putting pressure on the industry to be more efficient and cost effective. The daily operational profits should be maximized, unwanted shut-down, gas flaring and power consumption should be reduced.

Process Plant performance optimization plays very important role for maximizing profits in Oil and Gas industries. For optimization benefits to be substantial, cost of production including operation interruptions must be kept to a minimum. This requires effective management of plant operations and performance optimization of plants and equipment’s.

For all these it is highly essential that the Process and Operations professionals are fully aware of the design purpose of each equipment and how equipment’s can be operated in the most optimum way.

Continual improvement training programs will provide a comprehensive review of the various aspects of process plant performance and the essential for sustainable plant profitability. TECHNOCIL’s ENGINEEERING, PERFORMANCE AND CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT MODULE will provide full details on the Engineering aspects of Oil and Gas production facilities, Gas processing facilities, Refineries etc and how performance of these plant can be optimized to improve yields and margins.

The module can also be customized to match exact Clients requirements. This training module focuses on the central areas of process engineering and guides in developing both fundamental and practical understandings of key issues. This module is well-matched to those professionals who require familiarity not only with process engineering principles, but also with many of the other engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

This course will be suitable for Process plant technical professionals including Engineers, supervisors, operations, maintenance personnel, project engineers as well as for Engineering and technical personnel involved in improving process plant profitability and energy efficiency.

This course will also equip new Engineers into the industry, with the basic understanding of the Engineering and performance optimization of the plant. This will assist them in understanding the main elements of plant performance, the way how to achieve and realize potential benefits. This course will also enhance the business focus of Engineers and equip them to make more contributions to sustainable plant profitability

Course Content

This training course focuses on design aspects and performance optimization of Static equipments, Rotating equipments, Crude Separation, Gas Processing, Water treatment methods, Utilities

The course also focuses on Process control Instrumentation including Detectors, sensors, alarms, Control loops, DCS, PLC etc.

On completion of this Engineering, performance Optimization and Continual Improvement training course, the professionals will be able to • get thorough knowledge on the design aspect plant and equipments • Operate plant with safety as the prime consideration • Monitor instrumentation and the operation of equipment with respect to the design intent • Make adjustments to keep system process variables, such as flows, temperatures, and pressures, within design ranges • Detect problems and take corrective action to prevent the interruption of system operations • Analyze operational trends and take corrective actions • Use standard operating procedures to start and stop production equipment • identify factors impacting and restricting production capacity • Identify and implement designs and techniques to enhance production • Assess energy efficiency of plant and individual processes • Apply energy saving techniques

The course will enable the professionals to achieve the required level of technical knowledge and skill that will be used effectively in their professional duties.. The course will enable the professionals to critically analyze the process involved within the plant, optimize performance of each equipment and instigate improvements where required.

Safety Excellence

It is observed that no matter how best the oil and gas industry tries, it will be nearly impossible to eliminate fire and explosions. In spite of the best intentions, people do make mistakes, equipment do fail, or something totally unexpected may occur.

The first of the major hazards in process plant is fire and this is mainly due to release of hydrocarbons. Therefore, the design of a “production facility safety system” should focus on preventing such releases, stopping the release of hydrocarbons if it occurs, and minimizing the impact of releases.

Various safety features are incorporated by the design engineers during the design of the plant. These features are based on codes and standards, good engineering practices and experience and the purpose is for improving plant safety and operational continuity.

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